Manufacturing processes of lapel pins

Lapel pins are purposive accessories. They display one’s affiliations and achievements, delivering this information through one image. They come in a variety of designs, depending on the need of the client.

But just as there are different styles, there are also varied ways of producing a lapel pin. After the final design has been submitted, the next step is to determine the manufacturing process. This will affect not only the price but the appearance of the finished pin as well.

For the prospective client’s guide, here are the descriptions of some manufacturing processes used for the production of lapel pins.

lapel pinsCloisonné pins are identified by their hard enamel, polished look. They are considered high quality pins – sometimes even akin to jewelry – because of the intricacy of their design. The process of creating Cloisonné pins dates centuries ago. It was invented in South East Asia by a Chinese man. It is made by pouring enamel into a mold, color by color. Only one color can be added at a time, which makes the process laborious. Once finished, the material is baked on a kiln with high temperatures. The product is finally polished to give it a luster. These lapel pins are considered top of the line.

The opposite of hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins are made through a process known as die-struck. Color is added by painting on the pin with a small brush. These pins are also referred to as embossed pins because the grid sits higher than the colors. An advantage of choosing a soft enamel pin is that Pantone color matching is available. This means that there are more colors available for production. However, since the pins are hand-painted, soft enamel pins are also relatively expensive.

If the metal look is what one wants to achieve, die struck pins are perhaps the pin of choice. These are described to have a classic, dignified look. Their main difference with the hard and soft enamel pins is the lack of color. Thus, if die struck pins are offered as collectibles or for trading, they will be perceived as having a lower value compared to the other two. However, die struck pins are perfect for recognition and promotional awards and events.

Offset digital printing of pins, on the other hand, is used when the design is particularly complicated, such as one that contains multiple gradients. With this method, the design is digitally processed and then printed on the pin. Depending on the wants of the client, metal can be added on the front for added style. Clear epoxy is then lathered on the pin for protection.

Silk screening is a process usually employed for t-shirts, but this can also be used for the production of lapel pins. This is used particularly if the client wants the pin to turn out exactly like the submitted design. This method can be expensive depending on the number of colors because each would have a separate plate for application. The result, however, is satisfying because it would match the colors of the design exactly.

Finally, photo etched pins are the economical version of cloisonné pins. Photo etching imitates the quality of these hard enamel pins but for the lesser price. Using chemical science, acid is employed to etch the design on the metal plate, commonly made of copper or brass. The colors are then inserted, one by one, on the etched areas. After this, the pins are fired on a kiln. Clear epoxy is added to protect the finish. The result is quality akin to that of a Cloisonné lapel pin.

Each process comes with a specific set of prices. Some are more expensive than others owing to the laborious manufacturing process. This is why it is important that clients first determine the kind of pin that they want made.

How to Choose the Nicotine Strength of Your E Liquid?

One of the main objectives for the conceptualization of e cigarettes is to give smokers a healthier alternative to tobaccos. Tobacco, as many of you already know, contain thousands of harmful chemicals that are said to cause cancer. Although lung cancer is the most common disease that people get from smoking cigarettes, other forms of cancer also list smoking as one of their risk factors. These chemicals somehow have a way of altering the cells in the body, resulting to abnormal growth that eventually turns into cancer cells.

e liquidAside from that, most respiratory problems can be caused and aggravated by smoking as well. Some of these illnesses are emphysema and asthma. The worst part is that even non-smokers are at risk of developing these diseases if they are constantly exposed to second-hand smoke. Hence, as a means to lessen this health risk and to help clean the air, e cigarettes were developed.

A primary requirement in the design of e cigarettes is that it must mimic real cigarettes as much as possible. This way, smokers will not have a difficult time transitioning from tobaccos to this electronic device. For that reason, most e cigarettes look very similar to tobaccos. They are of the same size and color that unless you get close to inspect it, you will hardly notice the difference. However, physical appearance is not the only focus. Smoking e cigarettes must give the same sensation too. Hence, just like with real tobaccos, smokers still have to inhale through the mouthpiece to enjoy the vapor and flavor. The tip of e cigarettes even light up so it somehow looks like it is actually burning.

More than that, it was equally important that smokers will enjoy the same nicotine fix that they used to get from their cigarettes. Nicotine addiction is the main reason why smokers find it hard to quit the habit. No matter how they want to say goodbye to smoking, the incessant craving for nicotine will often defeat their will. Since nicotine is not the one causing health problems to the human body, it was all right to make it a component of most e liquid flavors. The amount of it present on flavors, however, varies to give smokers an option and to further help them ease off their nicotine addiction.

With an existing addiction to nicotine, which is the case for long-time smokers, transitioning to a nicotine-free alternative will be a difficult step. This is why the most recommended strategy is to slowly lessen the nicotine load of their e liquid until they can finally smoke flavors that do not contain it. As a start, their initial bottle of e liquid must have the same nicotine content as the tobaccos that they were used to smoking. Here is a quick guide on the equivalent flavor for specific types of tobaccos.

Flavor                                        Tobaccos/Regular Cigarette

No Nicotine (0mg/ml)                           ——-

Low (8mg/ml)                                           Ultra-light

Medium (11mg/ml)                                 Light

High (16mg/ml)                                         Regular

Extra High (24mg/ml)                            Full Flavored

Super High (36mg/ml)                            Very Strong, Unfiltered

Some brands even offer e liquid flavors with higher nicotine concentrations, but be careful about trying them as they are too intense. From the above guide, if you used to smoke regular cigarettes, you can start with e liquids with 16mg nicotine and then gradually shift to medium, low, and finally to the nicotine-free variety. Of course, this is only for those who want to get rid of their nicotine addiction. Some people still want to experience that so-called relaxing effect and “throat hit” that nicotine offers, and so they only decrease their nicotine load to a level that they deem satisfying.

Now that you know which e juice corresponds to your regular cigarette, you can easily choose which one to use with your e cigarette. By doing so, your switch will go smoothly and you will hardly see the difference, except of course feeling healthier as your body starts to regenerate and reverse the effects of your long use of tobaccos.

Motivational Speaker – How to Become One

The term “motivational speaker” has been around for quite some time now. It may be due to the many issues plaguing mankind nowadays that these people find it necessary to talk about the brighter side of things. Whatever their reasons are, they seem to be working their magic on the masses. Below are some guidelines which can help the people who are interested in becoming one of them.

To start off, the speaker should of course have a topic. There is a wide assortment of things to talk about. It can be pointers on how to become a social butterfly, tips on how to climb one’s way to success, advices on moving on with life, or what not. There is almost no limitation in the nature of the topic for as long as it can inspire the audience. It will help if the speaker can channel his or her inner drives, passions, and personal experiences. In this way, the speech will be much more interesting and convincing because the speaker is really into the topic. This is a crucial step in capturing the audience’s attention.

The success of a motivational speaker can be attributed largely to his or her empathy with the audience. It is therefore a must to study the listeners, their way of life, their beliefs, and culture before stepping on the podium. Speakers should understand where these people are coming from and try to see from their perspective. There might be a need for some alterations in the delivery and presentation of ideas among various groups of listeners.

motivational speakerIn terms of the message per se, speakers should keep it short and relatable. Wordy speeches will just blur the content and purpose of the discourse. They should focus on the important points and avoid inserting sidetrack issues. Also, a good motivational speaker makes it a point to become proficient and well-informed. They do not even try to fool the audience with flowery words. They tell them exactly what they need to know. Speak clearly and make sure that their words are audible. This will facilitate a smooth flowing speech by which the message is correctly conveyed to the audience.

This may be a serious business but it does not mean the speaker and the audience cannot have fun and active interaction. Some speakers inject activities that will make their audience feel involved in a two-way exchange of ideas. For example, they start with a game related to the topic or an open forum where the listeners are invited to share their own thoughts. This is a subtle way of regaining the people’s attention especially if they are dozing off in the middle of the speech. A practiced motivational speaker can even use this technique to end a talk with an impact.

To wrap it up, speakers should don an outfit appropriate to the situation and event where they will be talking. Say, a speaker wants to be seen as a professional corporate anchor. Business attire would probably be the best thing to wear. For instance, that same speaker wants to be perceived as a compassionate counselor. A more relaxed style would be better. Try to avoid loud and overly colorful accessories and make up. If possible, do away with statement shirts as well. The speakers’ way of clothing reflects their personality.

It may seem difficult to become a motivational speaker, with the preparations and research involved. However, no one really knows but maybe the most ordinary-looking people are the future’s most influential speakers. Their talents may just be waiting to be tapped. Every humble experience may turn out to be a rich source of inspiration. Every heart break and failure may turn out to be the drive these people are waiting for to be the future forefront voices in the cheering crowd of motivations.

Things to consider before buying an hdmi cable

When people are planning to buy an hdmi cable, they may be overwhelmed with the factors that need to be considered when buying one. Most think that they can easily get the right cable for their televisions or monitors without doing research first. However, buying hdmi cables is not as easy as it seems. Certain factors must be dealt with so as to get the best results. When people choose the wrong cable, they have to buy a new one and spend money on it again. Unknown to first time buyers, hdmi cables are not cheap. This is why they should first know what cable they need before going to stores. They must consider the following things first before spending their money on buying this type of cable.

•Specifications of the television – Most people assume that any hdmi cable will work with every modern television. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If a television can only display resolutions up to only 720p, buying cables that supports 1080p resolutions will only be a waste of money. It would be more practical if buyers first know what their televisions are capable of so as to get the appropriate cables for them. In this way, people won’t have to spend money on high-end cables that their televisions will have no use of.

hdmi cables•Features of the television and source device – The source device is the device that will be connected to the television and transfer video and audio data to it. If, for example, that device is capable of supporting 3D videos and the television also does, an hdmi cable that supports 3D display must be used to enjoy this feature. Not all types of hdmi cables has this feature so it is important for people to buy this type of cable to enjoy 3D viewing. If a standard cable is used, then the output will be in 2D even if the disc, television and source device features 3D viewing.

•Length of the cable – Not many knows that this type of cable only functions properly up to a certain length. Usually, if the distance between the television and the source device is more than 35 meters, amplifiers, repeaters and equalizers must be used. An amplifier amplifies the HD signal without changing it significantly while an equalizer helps in preventing attenuation distortion by equalizing the signal. On the other hand, a repeater will increase signal strengths when the cable is bended around obstacles.

•Budget – The cheapest hdmi cables can be bought for a couple of dollars while the high-end ones cost about a hundred dollars. When buying the cheap kind, people shouldn’t expect much from it. For starters, the material used in cheap cables is not durable enough to with stand long term use. Another problem with them is that they only have the most basic features. Because of this, the transmission speed and video quality will be much poorer compared to a decent hdmi cable. With this in mind, buyers should consider how much they are willing to spend on these cables. If their television supports only the basic resolutions and if the buyers will not constantly use this type of cable, and then they are better off with the cheaper ones.

In the end, if buyers don’t consider these things, they will only encounter problems with their televisions and source devices. When problems do arise when trying to view a video, most people may think that the problem is with either the television or DVD player. Some even assume that either of these devices is broken and because of this, these people may buy newer devices just to solve the problem. These people forget that an hdmi cable may also be the cause of their problem and fixing it can be as easy using the appropriate cable.

What are Lanyards?

Lanyards are ropes or cords that are usually worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist. They are used to carry objects. Aside from the convenience of the item hanging on you, they also ensure that the item is more visible, especially when not hanging around a body part. There is also a steel variation that is used for aircraft’s. Those cords may also refer to the piece of rigging used in securing things on a boat. A more heavy-duty kind of lanyard is used when dealing with machinery and vehicles.

References to lanyards date all the way back to the 15th century in France where “Lani-er” denoted a strap or thong apparatus. Also, in the French military, there were lanyards that were used to attach a sword, whistle, or pistol. A pistol lanyard will stay attached to the pistol no matter what and was useful in ensuring that it wouldn’t get lost. Lanyards of different colors were also seen on military uniforms’ shoulders. Its purpose was to indicate the wearer’s qualification.

The common lanyard materials are nylon, satin, silk, polyethylene phosphorylate, and polyester. The material used depends on the purpose of the lanyard; either it would be used as an accessory, an identification holder, safety strap, for linemen, for uniforms, and others.


One of the popular uses for a lanyard is for holding items such as MP3 players, cameras, cell phones, and cameras. This prevents dropping or loss of the item. It also makes it convenient because it provides fast access to the items when hanging on a body part. Some models of cameras, MP3 players, cameras, and phones have a small hole on one corner designed for a lanyard or strap. Some lanyards have a thread at its end that can be knotted onto the hole. Some employs the use of a clip for faster attaching and detaching of the item.

In recent times, consoles have also made use of lanyard. For example, Nintendo’s Wiki remote comes with has a lanyard to make sure it stays on the player’s arm, since use of the Wiki remote often entails rough and vigorous movement.

Probably the most common use of a lanyard is for IDs. Employees, students, security personnel, among others, can be seen with their IDs hanging from a lanyard. In events, official personnel have their passes on a lanyard to indicate that they are part of the event. It also gives them access to backstage areas and such. The material used for these are often braided fabric. A customized lanyard can be made so that it has the name or logo of the company, school, event, or convention.

A lanyard can also be seen fastened to a dead man’s switch on dangerous machinery. This can be on a slicing machine, industrial cutting machines, and on vehicles such as trains. On treadmills, an accidental fall will pull the lanyard which, in turn, will pull the switch to cease the function of the machine.

Linemen make use of a lanyard to impede any fall. This type of lanyard makes use of a heavy duty nylon strap fastened to a ring or carbine-er. Mountain climbers also utilize a lanyard to help them in their ascent. The lanyard may be adjustable or fixed.

A lanyard can still be seen on uniforms, and an example would be the Orange Lanyard used in the Military William Order.

As can be seen, the use of a lanyard has changed over time, and people have seen plenty ways to utilize it. It can most often be seen at schools, offices, events, but is not limited to those places. It is truly a versatile item.

Types of Misting Systems

Misting systems use evaporation to cool the air around. Water is forced through nozzles to be released as tiny droplets of water in the surroundings. These tiny droplets absorb the heat in the atmosphere and evaporate, which transform into water vapor. The heat used to transform the water into a gas is eliminated from the atmosphere, thus the air is cooled.

There are 3 types of misting systems that you can choose from – High-pressure systems, mid pressure systems and low pressure systems.

High Pressure Misting Systems

High pressure misting systems are the best choice. They are the type of mister lines that you see in amusement parks and outdoor restaurants. The high pressure misting systems utilize pumps that generate 1000 psi or higher to produce tinier droplets that evaporate almost instantly. That type of evaporation cools the air more efficiently and eliminates the residual moisture.

The high pressure misting line can be extended farther as compared to mid or low pressure systems. At standard, two feet nozzle spacing, the largest standard high pressure system can be extended up to 62 nozzles and 124 feet. It can support a maximum of 100 nozzles and around 200 feet of misting line. For bigger areas, you can purchase larger pumps that can support up to 680 nozzles with 1360 feet of mist line.

The only drawback of high pressure misting systems is the price, but they are the most attractive, most efficient and most long lasting misting line available. If you really want to cool the air outdoors, a high pressure misting system is the best choice.

Mid-Pressure Misting Systems

The mid pressure misting systems are generally low-pressure systems with a moderately low-pressure pump, around 160 psi. They produce smaller droplets as compared to low-pressure systems, and those droplets evaporate in the air more efficiently, which results in less residual moisture.

This mister is a little bit more expensive than the low-pressure system, but is much lower than the high-pressure system. If you cannot afford to buy the high-pressure system, you can consider buying a mid-pressure system.
The disadvantage of using the mid-pressure mister is that although it can produce some residual moisture, particularly in humid areas, you still require a pump so it can effectively vaporize the water into tiny droplets to flash evaporate.

Also mid-pressure misting systems can accommodate a limited number of fans. But instead of water pressure as the limiting factor, pump volume is. Normally, the 160 psi pump has a ½ gal per minute maximum flow rate, which limits only 30 nozzles to support. The nozzles included in the mid-pressure misting systems utilize around 1 gal of water in an hour, so thirty nozzles utilize thirty gal per hour which is the maximum flow of mid-pressure pumps. At standard 2 feet nozzle spacing, it can support up to 60 feet of misting line.

Low-Pressure Misting Systems

The primary advantage of the low-pressure mister is it is less expensive and very easy to install. You can clip it on to a lounge chair or to an umbrella using gator clips and can be transferred to new areas as needed. Some low-pressure systems are more durable and can be attached permanently, but they all have one thing in common. All of the low-pressure misting systems use your existing water pressure from your water line to produce mist.

One of the disadvantages of using a low-pressure mister is that it depends on the existing water pressure and it has no pump to improve the pressure and the quality of the mist it produces. Because the lower the pressure the higher the droplets of water created, the droplets the low-pressure system can produce cannot evaporate before hitting the ground, or you and your guests. And because of this those that are near the misting system will get wet.

In deciding which type of water misting line to choose from, consider the three important factors – the area where you will place the misting system, the required water line, and the price.

6 Reasons to Add Live Chat Support to Your Business

A Live Chat Support service is a platform that directly lets both Internet users and Customer service agents directly interact with each other to solve a problem. By adding a human factor to the online experience, persons can immediately find help for their problems and will get to know the business on a more personal level. Below are several reasons why you should consider adding a live chat program to your website.

Real Time Convenience

live chat supportLive chat support mainly works by providing a convenient medium for individuals to get hold of business representatives and get immediate help directly from the website.Keep in mind that most cases of online frustrations stem from the fact that the person does not receive any sort of help in their shopping experience.

By directly providing a medium for communication at your product page, your business can directly address issues with your product or service or help a customer through the entire sales process. In addition, the service can help customer make decisions that would match their style and needs. By giving a customer the assurance that some will be there to guide them through the process, they will have better confidence in purchasing your products and services.


The way that live chat support becomes a cost efficient strategy for businesses is that it increases the value of customer purchases.The program can give customers a better insight on what product or service will match their needs and can give direct answers to any question they might have prior to purchasing.

In addition, implementing a live chat service is not an expensive option. Though you might have to spend extra on training a team of customer service agents, the feature will pay for itself once customers are getting more confident with their purchasing decisions.Once this is applied, the only thing that you have to consider now is in dealing with the increased volume in site traffic.

Better Customer Relationships

Though important, customer relationship is often rare in the online world. Without live chat support, a person can get lost in a sea of processes, terms and webpages that they often get frustrated. Worse, they can get intimidated with the process and stop visiting the site altogether. A live chat program can help in fostering stronger customer relationships since it shows that your company truly does care for its customers and is willing to go out of its way to provide assistance for those who have concerns with its products and services.

This is why businesses should prepare carefully when dealing with customers in live chat. As a matter of fact, the program is designed to let the customer know that their concerns are valid and someone on the opposite end is doing something to the best of their abilities in order to solve it. When a customer feels that their voice is heard in a company, they will have a stronger connection to the business and would return for another transaction.

Feedback for Improvement

Understanding what works and what doesn’t in your website is a crucial step in improving the quality of your products and services. The live chat support program, through various chat logs, can help the business understand the common pain points when using their site. In essence, pain points are the sources of frustration in users in a certain site and several needs that have yet to be answered by the business.

In addition, the program allows a user to directly give feedback to the company and their perceived quality of their products and services. Using these data, your business can craft a strategy that can deal with frequently asked questions and focus more on other major points of concern.Through the said feedback, the company can improve on its services and innovate on its existing strategies to provide a user experience that is free of frustration and confusion.

ApexChat contact center will monitor your website 24×7.though its live chat support.

An Ideal SEO Company: Does It Really Exist?

If there are some things that a webmaster or website owner has to figure out early, probably the most important one is on finding a good seo company. Search engine optimization will never be ruled out as a fundamental need for all web based sites that might get established in the online world these days. The need is amplified more when a website has been designed for business purposes. High rates of traffic will only be possible when the aspect of SEO has been taken care of really well.

One truth willSEO Company be realized early on by those who will aim to access services related to their SEO needs. A website will be able to make the most out of an availed service when it has been delivered by an ideal seo company. Now that the notion of being “ideal” is   touched on this article, it becomes necessary for a website owner to know if such a service provider really exists out there.

The good news is that it is always possible for website owners to find an ideal seo company. It just matters for them to know how to find these entities when there are so many choices available out on the internet nowadays. There are many ways on which individual webmasters have located their primary provider of excellent search engine optimization services.

The following tips could be used by newbie webmasters to quickly narrow down their options and really choose one seo company to hire:

  • Look at the cost factor:

    Even if it is true that SEO services are quite expensive at this point in time, there are still entities out there that could offer affordable packages. Under normal circumstances, webmasters will have to pay a minimum amount of $20 per hour on the services offered by SEO agencies. There are companies that could charge much lower than this because they have ample resources, materials, and manpower. If there is tough competition in the locale of the SEO service providers, this could also lead to cheap pricing.

  • Examine the area of expertise of a company or agency:

    This is a good way to gauge the desirability of the services of an agency. The scope of search engine optimization is very broad. It is a good thing if a webmaster could find a service provider that really excels in a specific area or discipline. Some agencies will have good connections among online directories. Others might have more experience in sorting out on-page optimizations. No matter what the case may be, there should be a match between what a chosen seo company excels in doing and what is really needed by a website owner.

  • Narrow down options to local companies:

    Locally based SEO service providers could offer many advantages for their clients. First of all, they are totally familiar with the ins and outs of the industry and client markets. This means that they are more aware of SEO strategies that will work best on the local scene. This reduces the need for market researches and need analysis. Since these companies are locally based, costs of running operations are not that high. Savings they make are passed on to clients in form of affordable service packages. Most of the time, these SEO agencies also have physical offices that could be visited easily by clients in case of queries and problems. Even if an offshore SEO company is being marked as excellent, nothing would beat the convenience of having a local service provider that is accessible at all times.

  • Look at the verifiable achievements of a service provider:

    These achievements could include length of existence in the industry, number and types of clients served, areas of coverage when there are branch expansions, and many other similar things. These sets of data should be present on the website of such SEO service providers and there must be ways on verifying it.

The tips mentioned above are not the only things that could be useful in choosing the perfect SEO agency or company to hire. A webmaster could still   figure out ways on making sure that the best one is hired. The ideal SEO agency exists for sure out in the industry and it is up for website owners to find them.

“Death” of SEO in 2014 and Other Possible Online Trends in the Days Ahead

SEO has been a very important part in the lives of those who own websites and online businesses for the past few years.  Getting visibility and traffic are things that have always been the focus of these individuals. The creation and use of SEO tactics, both good and bad, have been the highlight of the buzz in the online world all these times. However, it is becoming clear now that many of these tactics that were proven to be effective in granting visibility, rankings, traffic, and ROI for online entities are fading out.

In efforts to clean theSEO in 2014 internet of spammers and those who use BHSEO (black hat search engine optimization), search engines never failed to show how involved they are. The Big G or Google has been one of the most active entities on the internet when it comes to this matter. Its algorithm updates which include the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird are well-known among webmasters or website owners.

The days when keyword stuffing, link farms, cloaking, and other BHSEO tactics work fine are now gone. The sad thing is that even those SEO tactics that are in the ethical category are now slowly losing effectiveness. Many website owners are calling the current years as the era that signals the “death” of SEO. This would really appear to be the case if an individual will look at it on a general perspective.

At the present times, those who are establishing new business websites and those who look forward to keep existing ones should work much harder on SEO. 2014 definitely presents a bigger challenge for people who want to benefit from the use of search engine optimization services and tactics. The online world is still a profitable place to conduct business in. However, those who choose to get involved in it must totally cast away the old tactics and focus on what is new based from fresh standards of the industry.

SEO is not really dead. It has just taken a newer and better form. It means that the internet is now a fair and level ground for competition. Those who wish to excel in gaining better search engine rankings, traffic rates, income generation, and other related things must work really hard. The use of WHSEO (white hat search engine optimization) is the only way to get in good terms with search engines.

With the implementation of Google Hummingbird, one could expect to see web based sites that are more information-oriented and rich in content relevant to actual needs of people. Keyword-based searches could no longer yield useful data since there are cloaked search features. The “incognito” mode of Google on its browser is just an example. If search engines rank blogs and video streaming sites better this year, one should not wonder anymore. It just means that individuals could expect a cleaner and more useful internet these days.

What possible trends can webmasters expect this year? According to many SEO experts, the following should make be the possible SEO trends for the rest of 2014:

  • Content marketing will take a new turn: Search engines are now examining which sites are worth supporting through awarding of high ranks. They do this by making sure that such sites are actual sources of regularly updated and relevant information. The presence of authority sites that support these information sources is supposed to help in reputation building.
  • Social media marketing tactics will be more user-directed: It means that the use of ads posted on social media sites are designed to really catch the attention of specific groups of people. Owners of websites and online businesses must take the initiative to use sponsored social media feeds, stories, and ads.
  • Google+ presence building will be a major concern for webmasters: There are indicators that search engines are using this as one of the strongest points of giving advantageous SEO rankings. There aren’t clear guidelines as to how search engines use +1’s in determining and awarding ranks though.

The things mentioned are just some of the trends that will most likely make news for this year. While the “death” of SEO is being mentioned by many industry entities, it is clear that it will not happen at this point in time.